About BGM

Founded in 1974, BGM Fastener has become the best source for military and high quality commercial fasteners. With a strong commitment to quality and service you can be sure that you will always be satisfied.

Starting as a distributor, selling hardware to the local populous; word spread to local manufacturers. BGM started supplying more complex fastener requirements with inquiries about certified fasteners, BGM entered the certified fastener distribution market, quickly realizing that certified fasteners from many vendors, were often not compliant to the standard.

More inspections were required, and BGM needed the capability to measure all facets of the drawings and procurement specifications. With that in mind, and to better provide our customers with a superior product; BGM installed and staffed a full inspection laboratory. Our capabilities were expanded by obtaining a wide range of equipment: plug and ring gages, thread comparators, tensile testers, X-ray spectrometers, optical comparators, thickness testers, and many other items to make a IS0/IEC 17025 compliant inspection lab; capable of fully inspecting all details of the hardware BGM provides.

Soon after inspecting the material, a problem with plated parts was discovered. Hydrogen embrittlement and mis-marked fasteners were a disturbing trend in the fastener industry. The best way to assure our products were compliant was to become a manufacturer; partnering with the largest and best known names in the industry to manufacture raw material to our rigorous standards. With a state of the art plating facility complete with the latest step load equipment on-site cleaning, plating, baking. and waste treatment, BGM achieved its goals in avoiding hydrogen embrittlement and providing a consistent, quality product.

BGM now monitors all aspects of the product through its entire manufacturing process. Quality Control is involved in all phases of manufacturing: Material inspection, in-process manufacturing and final acceptance of the product. BGM continues to be able to supply a consistent, cost effective, high-quality product, meeting or exceeding our customer specifications, military standards and regulatory requirements.